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A lot of people may have heard that synthetic hair look like dolls hair, this can be true if inferior hair is used. You will not have these worries when entrusting your hair with us.


Good quality fake hair should be light and airy, so it separates, cheap fake hair looks like a Barbie dolls hair. With the correct blending of colours and expert fitting no one will know you're wearing extensions, let alone fake hair.

Pricing for Fake Hair (Synthetic)

Fake hair is £2 per extension.


If you want to lengthen your hair to a standard bra length it will normally take between 80-100 extensions, making the cost £160 - £200.


If you want to just thicken your hair you can set your own budget and spend as little or as much as you like, normally to give thickness we would recommend using about 50 extensions, making the cost £100. Styling and finishing off is included in the price, along with your first shampoo and aftercare lesson.

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  • Fake hair withstands temperatures of 130°. It has the ability to accept blow dryers, hot air brushes, heated rollers and straightening irons.


  • Sleeping will not affect the style or shape.


  • Water resistant, it retains its wave or straight style, even after shampooing.


  • The hair looks and blends easily with your hair and moves realistically without any static.


  • Soft, smooth, flawless texture.


  • Extensive colour range.


  • No harsh glues used.

Manmade Hair Extensions (Synthetic/Fibre)

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