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Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions have the advantage of looking more realistic but are more expensive than synthetic extensions. There are several grades of quality in real hair. Some places sell bad human hair that is brittle, and will break easily. The best quality hair is virgin hair that has not been chemically treated in any way.

Where does Human Hair come from?

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Hair collectors buy hair from people wishing to sell their hair.

European Hair

This is the best quality hair.


  • Poland produces brown to blonde hair.


  • Yugoslavia has brown colours which have red tendencies. This is generally poor quality.


  • Italy gives us black, dark brown, grey or white hair.


  • Italian hair is usually sorted by hand.


  • White hair is often bleached up from one of the above sources.


European hair is used for all types of cosmetic, medical, television and theatrical reasons. i.e. wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions.

Asiatic Hair

  • Asiatic hair comes from China or India, and is always dark in colour.


  • Chinese hair is very straight and coarse.


  • Indian hair has warmer influences. It can have a wave or a curl which is usually non existent in Chinese hair. It is also finer than Chinese hair, meaning that it can be wavy.


  • In order to gain correct colours the hair is often bleached and then tinted to achieve the required shade, which means it fades very quickly.

Different Colours

Different Textures

No head of hair is made up of a single colour, everyones hair is made up from a combination of shades. For example hair may have red tones, gold tones and Asher tones. Hair may also have a percentage of white hair present.

When matching extensions to a clients own hair, an exact match is needed if the hair extensions are to be disguised effectively. This means that we don't only consider the colour, but also the texture of the clients own hair.

Pricing for Human Hair Extensions

At the extension shop we are very happy to give advice to every potential client, and we offer a free no obligation consultation on the price of the individual extensions.


Please note that prices depend on the number of extensions and length required.


Approximate Price Range:


Thickness and volume £100 - £300


Extra Length £250 - £1000


For a free consultation call 0191 2610844

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