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The most common form of hair loss is Alopecia Areata, although there are lots of reasons why you can suffer from hair loss. Hormonal changes, stress, side effects of medication, ilnesses such as Lupus and Hypothyroidism, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, and many more. We see women suffering from hair loss from their teens to their 80s. It effects self-esteem, confidence, quality of life and relationships.

What makes us unique?

The secret to this product is its unique design. A special patent pending cable which is extremely thin and flexible, yet virtually unbreakable is used in the construction. This allows for maximum durability while providing a natural look.

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Solutions for more extensive hair loss

The most effective and up to date system for covering bald patches and very thinning hair that we offer is The New Woman Hair Integration. This integration system was pioneered by Carol and her specialist team eight years ago. It differs from other forms of integration as there are no harsh glues used. All of your existing hair is fully integrated through a fine mesh system. It provides a totally natural head of hair that can be washed, brushed and styled as your own. Every detail is perfectly natural including a natural parting.

Solutions for mild to moderately thinning hair

Perhaps if you're looking for an improvement for your thinning hair, but do not want or need anything too dramatic, you may wish to have some thickening extensions. Whether you visit our salon or prefer to visit another hair studio, it's important that you understand benefits and limitations of your hair extensions. If you have fine hair you will need to tread carefully as there are some hair extensions that will not be suitable as they require your hair to be reasonably strong at the root. Poor fine hair cannot support heavy glues, and strong bonds and even removing them could cause more damage.


At The Extension Shop, with 20 years of experience, we insist that if we feel your hair may be too weak or brittle that we apply a few test extensions in first. Hair extensions should be applied by a specialist company who have experience with fine hair.


Micro-hair extensions are also very effective for confidence-building, as having limp fine hair is often frustrating. Many clients request we thicken their hair all over, however we can also apply micro’s to a specific problem area. If you're looking for general thickness and body a 40% to 50% increase in density is quite normal with the use of Micro- Extensions.

How does the integration system work?

Your existing hair is integrated into a very fine ‘cable mesh system’; it can add fullness, volume or length.

The result?

  • A fashionable, secure, and invisible alternative to wigs.


Create sensational body and optimum volume.

  • Whether you have thinning hair, baby fine, or damaged hair, the New Woman Hair Integration is designed to add more volume and fullness where you need it.


Create luxurious length.

  • Achieve a longer length while creating a great new style and look.


Create vibrant, healthier looking hair.

  • Add more life, shine and lustre to stressed and depleted hair, revitalise limp, lifeless, and fine hair by adding full body and soft curl.


Create new spectacular colour dimensions and fun new highlighting.

  • Enhance your look and make it more fashionable by adding natural-looking highlights to your hair.


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