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Hair Extension Information

Hair Extensions can be categorized into two Hair Categories. 100% human hair or Fake hair. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks as well as attachment techniques. Obviously ‘Fake Hair’ is produced in a lab while ‘Human Hair’ extensions are grown and cut from real people. Human Hair extensions have the advantage of looking more realistic as part of your own hair but are more expensive. Fake hair will not look as good as natural but will cost less most of the time.


Most people choose to use them to lengthen or thicken their hair, however using them for none permanent highlights and lowlights is also popular. Fake or human hair extensions are added to enhance the look of your hair. The various pro’s and con’s of each method is discussed at length at the initial consultation and on ‘Human V’s Synthetic and the FAQ’s section of this site.


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Human Extensions vs

Synthetic Extensions

At the Extension Shop all hair extensions are individually created for you, stylish, sexy, but totally safe, they are a great way to add highlight, lowlights, thickness and length to your own hair, without using clips or damaging glue.


When properly applied by an experienced technician all synthetic and human hair extensions can be washed or straightened and curled and can be worn permanently for months on end. And when correctly looked after they can come out and be re-used and look as good as when they first went in.

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