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Questions the Stylist should ask you at the consultation

Always have a consultation. The consultation needs to be thorough - it's the salons opportunity to assess your needs and expectations, and more importantly whether your hair is suitable for extensions. Our motto at The Extension Shop is if "in doubt DO NOT apply them", it's simply not worth putting our reputation at risk.


  • Have you had extensions before, how did you cope, was there anything you disliked about them?


  • What is your lifestyle like? Are you able to care for the extensions?


  • How often do you shampoo your hair? Do you have dandruff?  If so this could mean you may have a sensitive scalp, extensions could aggravate the situation.


  • How will you wear your hair after the extensions are put in? This can cause tension on the bonds.


  • Maintenance should always be explained to you at the consultation, you may not have the time for the upkeep. (Remember no matter how well they are put in, you have to style and upkeep the extensions for them to look good).

Questions to ask the stylist

  • How long have you done hair extensions?


  • What systems do you use? If the salon only offers one system, and your natural hair is very fine,shop around and do your homework. KEEP AWAY FROM GLUE OR SEWN IN EXTENSIONS - these will damage your hair.


  • Is my hair long enough? Generally as a rule your hair should be at least 3inches long, if your hair is very thick, then possibly a bit longer.


  • Have you worn hair extensions? What size bonds do you use? (To the stylist).


  • Ask to see the different types of hair, it should be matched not just in shade but also in texture, e.g. if you have tight natural frizzy hair, you definitely don’t want straight textured hair in.


  • When it comes to matching shades, we always ask the client if there are any other tones i.e highlights/lowlights, that she would like added in, but the base of the hair should be matched exactly. Again this is down to the expertise and experience of the hair technician.


  • We would normally recommend at the consultation placing 2 or 3 extensions into the client’s hair for her to try. This is called a strand test, and will allow the client to see how it feels in the hair, if your scalp feels sensitive to the bonds, and most importantly whether your hair is strong enough for the extensions. Test strands will generally be placed near the nape of the neck.


  • How long can they stay in, and how do I remove them?

      The length of the time of the hair extensions can stay in depend on a lot of factors. 


Removal of my Hair Extensions

Never ever ever, remove your own hair extensions. You will damage your hair, you may even end up with bald patches. There are different ways of removing different types of hair extensions.


At our salon we charge to remove your hair extensions, it can take us just as long to remove carefully than what it does to put them in. You should consider all of this when thinking of hair extensions. We spend a lot of time training our staff in removing as this is where the damage can occur if not done correctly.

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How much will it cost?

Once you have decided on extensions you should be given a price for the complete package and what that includes. This should also include a free maintenance check up. At The Extension Shop we call this a first check, it gives us the opportunity to have a chat with our client, and make sure she is happy with everything. Then we teach our client how to shampoo/blow dry and style her hair extensions (you can’t expect a client to know what to do). By spending this time it makes you feel a lot more confidant in looking after them.


(Beware of salons that don’t do this as they may not want to know if there is a problem.)

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A note from Carol

"In my opinion even the very best of hair extensions (Great Lengths, Cinderella, Invisible Strand), are only as good as the person applying them, you do pay for what you get. As long as you do your research and are willing to look after yout hair, you will completely love them.


My dedicated team and I have been producing specialist hair loss solutions and hair extensions in Newcastle upon Tyne since 1989. Our aim is that every client who visits our salon leaves with the head of hair they have always dreamed of.


I would like to thank you personally for reading about us and I look forward to seeing you soon."

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