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Cinderella pre bonded hair extensions come in a huge range of styles and textures and are of a top grade Remy quality. Cinderella Hair comes in a range of textures from straight to afro. It can be straightened and curled using the hottest irons; easily removed by a trained technician and is absolutely one of the very best hair extension systems on the market today.

A note from Carol

"What I love about Cinderella is the different textures you can buy in the hair, making it look totally natural. The bonds can be customised to match the density of your own hair in a huge range of colours. I would definitely give it 10 out of 10. Cinderella is one of the market leaders in hair extensions today and one of the main benefits is it costs less than Great Lengths."

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Cinderella’s pre-bonded hair extensions have a protein-moulded bond (PMB). The advantage of the PMB is that after washing, the bonds do not go soggy or soft, but stay in their original form up until the time they are ready to be removed.


Using a pre-bonded system means that all the hair is cuticle correct which is essential to avoid tangling. Cinderella extensions are quality controlled and made from only the softest and silkiest hair.


The Cinderella system will not harm your hair. The ready-made bonds have been designed to melt at a low temperature to protect fine and coarse hair alike. The extensions are flexible and blend with your own hair to create a natural overall finish. They are easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

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